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IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) Awards (Deadline to submit a completed nomination for 2015 has passed. This site is no longer active for this year.)

Please note that this Awards nomination site is different from the IEEE website. The first time you log into this site, you must give yourself a username and password. You can use the same username and password as your IEEE information, but you do not have to.

IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) Awards recognize and honor individuals and companies for major contributions to engineering and technical education. Please use this web site to complete a nomination for the following EAB Awards.

Types of Awards

Awards are given for:

  • Meritorious Achievement in Accreditation Activities
  • Meritorious Achievement in Continuning Education
  • Meritorious Achievement in Informal Education
  • Pre-University Education
  • Major Educational Innovation
  • Meritorious Service to IEEE EAB
  • Standards Education
  • Employer Professional Development
  • Section Professional Development
  • Society / Council Professional Development

You can also nominate someone for an IEEE-HKN Award

(Click on a link to take you to the IEEE-HKN Award Site)

Award Descriptions 

Various EAB awards are given to individuals working in engineering education, professional development, and accreditation activities. View the EAB Award descriptions to find out more about a particular award.